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We create custom financial plans that reflect your personal values. With a range of sustainable investing options, we tailor your unique investing strategy to support
what matters most to you.

Why Choose Envision Wealth Planning?

We help you make smarter money moves while honoring your values. Our six step Envisioneering™ Financial Life Planning Process helps us guide you towards your goals. Our core Envision Justice Series™ Portfolios factor racial equity, women’s empowerment, and environmental sustainability while pursuing your expected market returns.
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Are Your Investments Supporting Causes You Don’t Believe In?

Do you care about social justice issues such as Climate Change, Women’s Rights and Racial Equity? When you invest in target date retirement mutual funds investing and index funds, you may be investing in companies that conflict with your values. To help
you combat that, we use YourStake’s values questionnaire along with their Portfolio Check Up Tool. The check up tool helps determine the extent of any portfolios misalignment to your values.
Climate Change

Divest from companies with high greenhouse gas emissions, substantial fossil fuel reserves, core business activities in extractive industries, or unmanaged financial risk associated with a changing climate.


Promoting socio-economic equity and justice Divest from companies that perpetuate poverty through predatory lending services, private prison operations, or gambling operations, as well as companies that promote unfair pay practices for their workers throughout the supply chain

Women’s Rights

Promoting justice and equity for women and their children Divest from companies with poor representation of women at all levels of seniority, inadequate diversity policies, or companies that have disproportionately negative impacts on women, especially pregnant women.

Human Rights

Promoting inalienable rights to freedom, justice, and peace Divest from companies with military weapons revenues, poor working conditions, connections to controversial regimes, or poor supply chain labor management.

Our Visionary

James Brewer started Envision to provide values aligned investing and financial
planning to those who were underserved by traditional firms. Since then, Envision has been named one of the 20 Best Financial Advisors in Chicago by Expertise. InvestmentNews named him a 2023 Excellence Awardee in the (Environmental, Social and Governance) ESG Advisor of the Year Category.

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